All methods that are offered are cost effective as the hair is all reusable & they are all safe causing no damage to your own natural hair. No method involves using any heat or glue which means there is no damage.

Micro/Mini Ring Hair Extensions

Individual strands of human hair are held securely in place using tiny micro-rings or the smaller mini copper tubes (the type of ring chosen depends on your own hair) which are gripped in place using specialist tools. The Micro rings come in a variety of colours and are perfectly matched to your own hair colour to ensure the ring attachment is as undetectable as possible. The hair extensions are worn for 3 months before needing removing or 2 months before needing maintenance, the hair is then reusable to have refit several time.

Micro Weave

The micro weft hair extension application method is much quicker than the individual strand micro ring method because there are less rings that have to be applied to the hair weft which dramatically reduces fitting time. The Micro Weave allows you to have the most volume of hair you can possibly get from extensions but at the same doesn’t cause damage to your hair. Every row is flat and attached to your natural hair with the tiny micro rings. It is easy to maintain and is much healthier for your hair & scalp as it doesn’t involve much pulling like traditional weaving that are plaited.

Tightens are usually recommended 4-6 weeks after fitting and full refits at around 10-12 weeks.